Snobbery amongst the PC community.

No caption needed.

The PC Snob’s stance is one of proprietary knowingness—the pleasure he takes in technology derives not only from the sensory experience of using them, but also from knowing more about it than you do, and from zealously guarding this knowledge from the cheesy, iPhone loving masses, who have no idea what a driver is, or how amazing it is to change their RAM. The PC Snob fairly revels, in fact, in the notion that Apple customers are stupid and ineducable, which is what sets him apart from the more benevolent computer buff, the effervescent, Tech Appreciative-style enthusiast who delights in introducing novitiates to the humble periods of Lisa and MS-DOS.

I seek to redress the knowledge gap between Snobs and non-Snobs, so that normal, non-sociopathic, tech-loving people may;

A) become privy to some of the good stuff that PC Snobs zealously hoard for themselves;
and B) avoid or approach cautiously the vast quantities of iffy or downright crappy material that Snobs embrace in the name of Snobbery.

This second service is especially valuable, because the PC Snob is willfully perverse in his taste, glorifying the drecky .dll hell and such misunderstood works of genius as Steve Wozniak’s Wheel Of Zeus and Canonical’s completely open source operating system for no rational reason whatsoever.

I have sought to strike the right balance between intellectual curiosity and Snob madness, so that the reader will feel less intimidated about renting a genuinely innovative tech product such as Alteria, just because it is “Box that does nothing,” but liberated from the burden of ever having to buy a product with the prefix “i”.


2 comments on “Snobbery amongst the PC community.

  1. The reason that people sneer at apple users is just because of how smug these aforementioned purchasers of apple products are. While I’m not saying that all apple products are bad (far from it), It is incredibly annoying to see apple fanboys get giant erections over genuinely average or below-average products, software or updates from apple. I know someone who’se MBP died after a couple of months, then when he sent it to an apple store to be repaired under warranty, they first lost the laptop, then returned it to him with a hard disc over 100GB smaller than the first one. A month later, it broke again. A normal person’s response would be to not buy from that company again, or at least give them a little time to improve their customer service or hardware, but he immediately went out and replaced it with a top-of-the-range, expensive macbook air.

    These people are so caught up in hype that they’re not even aware of what the competition has to offer, and that’s why many windows users get frustrated with them.

    • Yes, Mac fanboys are quite annoying and snobbish with their closed interests. However, I dare say the anti-Mac fanboys, are just as excruciating, if not more so than Mac fanboys sometimes.

      Anti fanboys often bash reasonably normal people for hidden agendas of their own.
      Anti-fanboys often purposefully start flame wars.

      If Mac fanboys want to be fanboys, let them. Being an Anti fanboy won’t help the cause at all.

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