Cupertino Releases Detailed Plans of The “Mothership”

Affectionately dubbed “The Mothership” by Cupertino’s council, Apple’s planned headquarters gets their detailed drawings released to the public.

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Snobbery amongst the PC community.

No caption needed.

The PC Snob’s stance is one of proprietary knowingness—the pleasure he takes in technology derives not only from the sensory experience of using them, but also from knowing more about it than you do, and from zealously guarding this knowledge from the cheesy, iPhone loving masses, who have no idea what a driver is, or how amazing it is to change their RAM. The PC Snob fairly revels, in fact, in the notion that Apple customers are stupid and ineducable, which is what sets him apart from the more benevolent computer buff, the effervescent, Tech Appreciative-style enthusiast who delights in introducing novitiates to the humble periods of Lisa and MS-DOS.

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3DS vs iOS?

Starting from Monday, Nintendo will release the much anticipated eShop for the 3DS. This service will allow users to purchase additional content such as games, apps, etc. However, iOS has been doing this since the initial stages of the iPhone. And they’ve been pretty successful with it too.

According to Nintendo, prices will start from $1.99. A little far-fetched considering Apple’s apps can be priced as low as $0.99. Also, actually downloading a a game on the DSiWare store, as far as I can remember took forever. Perhaps it was because Nintendo offers their online service for free.

Hence, this why I am very sceptical that eShop will be even considered a threat to iOS (having seen what the WiiWare shop/DSiWare shop functioned like).

Games such as the rehashed version of the 80s classic, Excitebike along with the 3D Pokedex will be hitting the eShop in 3D for free starting this Monday. Leave a comment of what you think.


Full E3 and WWDC Coverage

Technogram will be covering the entire E3 and WWDC events in it’s entirety, so fear not minions. We got it sorted.

Now, you may or may not be aware that Apple has specifically chosen the same date and time (30 mins earlier, creating a clash) as Microsoft’s keynote at E3 which has lead to many speculations. Are they just trying to inconvenience tech journalists like myself? or are they attempting to compete with the gaming market? now that the iPod touch is the most popular handheld device out there…

Bitter rivalry or healthy competition?

Whatever the motives are, be sure to hear it from us first at Technogram.

See you on Monday for the WWDC Apple Keynote [10AM Pacific Time] and E3 MS Keynote [10:30 AM Pacific Time] simultaneous live blogging!