Reggie: Wii U is “just a box”. And 3DS will not lower its price.

Ahead of this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, CA, both Nintendo and Sony have been pushing their handheld systems forward. For Nintendo, it was the already released 3DS. For Sony, it was the newly revealed Playstation Vita.

However to the surprise of many, Sony announced that the lowest price of the PS Vita (Wifi only model) will be $249. This puts the 3DS right along the lines of the PS Vita.

When asked, weather Nintendo will reduce the retail price of the 3DS in order to compete, Reggie from Nintendo of America responded with a resounding “no”.

Also, G4 pressed Reggie into revealing why the controller was presented rather than the console. Reggie explained that the Wii U was “just a box” that contains the GPU, Processor, etc and nothing more. He explains that the experience comes from the controller, and that’s why they have been presenting the controller more than the console itself. Reggie then went on to confirm that the system will output 720p HD, and won’t support Blu Ray discs. Optical drives it is then?

No price, or firm release date revealed. But we do know the Wii U will be released sometime between April 2012 to December 2012.



E3: Nintendo won. Goodbye for another year.

This is the sole reason why Nintendo won

Ok maybe not. But their announcements were certainly more kick ass. In terms on announcements, Hardware > Software. By default, Nintendo wins with the announcement of the next Wii console, the Wii U.

It has been fun! and we hope to see everyone again next year for some more action packed e3! Possibly, Ps4, Wii U exclusives, Halo 4 release date…
We can hardly wait already!

E3: Wii 2 is called “Wii U” Steals UStream logo.

The next generation for Nintendo’s console will be called Wii U. Touchscreen, Microphone, Speakers and a camera all in the controller

The screen will mirror the TV and also can be used to aim shots, draw, play golf (motion) etc

A FaceTime-esque feature will be on there!

Does not ship with singing Mario parrot.


E3: eShop goes live. Free DS Ware.

Last night, the eShop went live. Allowing 3DS users to download Nintendo “apps” and games by purchasing. However, Nintendo are allowing you to get some for free!

Wares such as:
* Excitebike 3D
* Pokedex 3D

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E3: Mario 3DS and Luigi’s Mansion 2

The new Mario game for the 3DS will offer a true 3D environment. A first for handheld gaming. And fans are expected to play it “by the end of the year.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be released for the 3DS and will offer several new mansions. No release date given.