[O Rly Of The Week] Britain’s Plan to Ban Social Networking Sites

Out Of Touch

The British Prime Minister is considering blocking the use of Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger in the wake of the UK riots. Since it is assumed that they are aiding vandalism and criminality.

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Neuroscience: Is Facebook Damaging To The Human Brain?

In a technology-driven world, can Facebook negatively affect Cognition?

British Neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, is one of many leading scientists who have suggested negative effects of social media to brain development.  However, she has caused some controversy by suggesting the rise in the use of internet and social media may be related to the rise in Autism.

I point to the increase in autism and I point to internet use. That’s all. Establishing a causal relationship is very hard but there are trends out there that we must think about.

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