Cupertino Releases Detailed Plans of The “Mothership”

Affectionately dubbed “The Mothership” by Cupertino’s council, Apple’s planned headquarters gets their detailed drawings released to the public.

In a series of PDFs released today (IntroSite Plan/LandscapingFloor Plans and Renderings), the City of Cupertino released detailed floor plans of Apple’s 20,000 plus person super-structure.

“The Mothership” was heralded by Mr. Jobs as the place where architecture students from “all around the world” will visit. Just by looking at these images, it’s very hard to disagree.

In fact, it was in july the 7th when Jobs called the new building “a spaceship” and said Apple will use its experience in building retail store masterpieces to construct this “architectural landmark”.  Parking underneath, the building would perhaps be used for events like the WWDC – Jobs mentioned that it would have a large auditorium and a single cafeteria [below] that could seat 3,000 at a time.

Many people have been speculating, will this be Steve Job’s legacy?

Photos courtesy of Apple and Cupertino council.

As we all might be aware, curved glass isn’t very common in architecture. Reason is, it’s incredibly expensive.

Link to actual documents:  1) View this document on Scribd 2) View this document on Scribd 3) View this document on Scribd 4) View this document on Scribd







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